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Preserve your personal and 
family legacy for loved ones
and future generations

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Privately create and safe-keep messages and memorialisation content, resting assured that they will be securely and independently delivered to your loved ones and memorialised as intended, posthumously

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What Our Community Creates

Create personalised content for your loved ones and leave less unsaid - because connection is all we have.


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Personal Memoirs

Family History Podcasts

Favourite Storybook Recordings

Future Birthday Messages

Personalised Video Messages for Children, Grandchildren and Unborn Grandchildren

Messages of Love and Support

Our community is
the reason we do
what we do.



Grandfather, 53, NSW



Daughter, 34, NSW

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Privately and comfortably create content.

Creating content for posthumous delivery is deeply personal, so we've ensured that you can choose from video, audio and written formats and create directly in your profile, or if it's easier for you, uploads are fine too.

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Posthumous delivery


Select a recipient and set your delivery options.

You have complete control over the delivery style and the release time of all of your content. You can choose specific dates or define the length of time after you’re gone for when you want delivery to occur.

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Our Wellbeing System
secures your privacy and independence.

Our Wellbeing System safeguards your content from accidental release and secures your independence. You can also nominate a trusted third-party to notify us of any changes in your situation.

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Our Verification System promises reverent delivery
when it’s time.

Delivering personalised content posthumously requires a reverent, dignified and secure approach, and that’s why we have our Verification System, which safeguards both your content and your recipients’ experience.

Assurance, peace of mind, and
security you can trust

  • Independent Wellbeing System

    A connected and intuitive approach to securing your independence, privacy and maintaining your account over your lifetime, it’s just you and us

  • Personalised content creation

    Create personalised video, audio and written messages, with the ability to link these to memorial QR codes and Heirloom products

  • Privacy

    We know personalised content is deeply personal, so we’ve ensured you can create your content directly in your browser, so it’s not stored anywhere else. Don’t worry, you can also upload it, if you like

  • Recipient Verification Process

    You control your recipient’s verification process and experience and we ensure it’s safe for everyone

  • SSL- security

    The security of your content, recipients and account preferences and rules, are our priority

  • Freedom of expression

    We are always adding new content options, so that you can create and send exactly what you envision

  • Independent, secure and direct delivery

    Our wellbeing system ensures that your content will be directly and independently delivered to your recipients. If you’d like to appoint a trusted third-party, that’s ok too

  • You control your account preferences

    You have full control over your account preferences and rules, from your wellbeing system to your delivery styles and recipient verification process, we’ve got you covered