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Preserve your legacy and future-proof your voice

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Create and safe-keep Legacy and Care Planning content, resting assured that it will be securely and independently delivered and published as per your wishes, preserving your legacy forever

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Legacy & Care Planning

The perfect heirloom that preserves your legacy
and future-proofs your voice and care

as a Gift

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Hey Dad, I got you something...


Preserve your memory, story, and legacy

Personalised content that your loved ones and future generations will cherish forever


A Family Heirloom

Personal and family legacy

Customisable delivery date

Recipient Safety and Verification

Secure Lifetime storage and privacy

Maintain everlasting connections

Care Planning

Future-proof your voice

Future-proof you story and voice to ensure better care and wellbeing outcomes now and in the future


Improved health outcomes

Improved care outcomes

Guard against the unexpected

Peace of Mind

Preserve your autonomy and independence

Future proof your voice and story

The Perfect Heirloom

A sentimental gift for your family and future generations that preserves your legacy and story, provides peace of mind, and maintains everlasting connections

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Hi Johnny, you've received a message from your dad

A heartfelt message from Margaret Norf

"I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the help I received in creating a treasure trove of life lessons, future birthday messages and family stories for my children, grandchildren and future generations who I may never meet. I have literally created personalised video messages for unborn grandchildren, who would’ve thought! I’ve lived a full life, full of adventures and hope, and with Evaheld I’ve been able to document my story, as well as my family’s history, and I hope that one day it can ignite a sense of curiosity and wonder in my grandchildren and future generations, giving them true insight into my life, and a strong sense of their ancestry and where they came from! Before this I was fearful that my grandchildren might never know the richness of our family history and my personal journey, and the thought of my family losing touch with our roots was causing me to feel a profound sense of sadness. I also didn’t like the thought of being forgotten, and of there being no tangible trace of my story and our shared memories which are already beginning to fade, especially because my grandchildren are still young! Evaheld has given me peace of mind and reassurance knowing that now my legacy is safe and will be securely delivered after I’m gone, so that it can be a constant source of love and ongoing support for my family and so that they can always feel our connection into the future and beyond."

Our Philosophy

We believe that everybody deserves to have their story and legacy preserved for future generations, and that this will have an everlasting impact.


Our community is
the reason we do
what we do.


Shelby Hoefling

" I cherish EVERY moment I get with Nanny. But I also like to be realistic...


Kasia Balbi

" In this unpredictable world that we live in, in the event that something did...


Kurt Fallagutan

" The last time we saw my grandma in person was Christmas 2016...

Watch why Kurt & his mum chose Evaheld


How It Works


Easily create meaningful content

Image Composition Easily Create Meaningful content



Favourite Storybook

Future Birthday

Personalised video
messages for children,
and unborn grandchildren

Family History

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Safekeep it!


Deliver it when you want us to

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Trusted by care providers
around the world

Watch why Dementia
advocate Rebecca Wellner
recommends Evaheld


How Evaheld helps families

"I bought my mum an Evaheld account because I wanted her to record all of her stories, our family history and also create personalised messages for my children to receive once their adults, so that they can always feel like she's still with them, and I wanted to be prepared for the unexpected. She was surprised by how easy it was to use and create content, and she ended up creating a whole family vault of content, which I was not expecting! I am so happy I bought this for Mum and that it has brought her so much joy and peace of mind knowing that it's all prepared and that one day me and my kids will receive it, and we'll have such a special way to always feel connected to her and to honour her legacy."

- Evelyn James

We'll keep your legacy safe

  • Independent Wellbeing SystemTM

    A connected and intuitive approach to securing your independence, privacy and maintaining your account over your lifetime, it’s just you and us.

  • Personalised content creation

    Create personalised video, audio and written messages, with the ability to link these to memorial QR codes and Heirloom products.

  • Privacy

    We know personalised content is deeply personal, so we’ve ensured you can create your content directly in your browser, so it’s not stored anywhere else. Don’t worry, you can also upload it, if you like.

  • Recipient Verification Process

    You control your recipient’s verification process and experience and we ensure it’s safe for everyone.

  • Encrypted Data

    The security of your content, recipients and account preferences and rules with SSL are our priority.

  • Freedom of expression

    We are always adding new content options, so that you can create and send exactly what you envision.

  • Independent, secure and direct delivery

    Our wellbeing system ensures that your content will be directly and independently delivered to your recipients. If you’d like to appoint a trusted third-party, that’s ok too!

  • You control your account preferences

    You have full control over your account preferences and rules, from your wellbeing system to your delivery styles and recipient verification process, we’ve got you covered.


Maintain Connections in a way that's never been possible before

I’d like to ask you to think of someone very dear to you who has passed away…

Imagine what it would’ve felt like to have received a video message from them after their death, to hear their voice again as they reminded you how much they love you and perhaps shared all the things that remained unsaid when they passed…

Our hope is that one day when our children and grandchildren are seated where we are now, they won’t need to imagine how amazing it would feel to receive posthumous content, they’ll know, because we would’ve gifted it to them.

Our vision is that connections are no longer lost, but are nurtured, maintained and everlasting, and we'd be honoured to help you achieve everlasting connections with your loved ones and future generations.

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