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Our vision is a world where connections

are no longer lost, but are nurtured,

maintained and everlasting.

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Watch why Kurt chose Evaheld to memorialise his mum's life

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What we've heard

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“It was such an amazing experience. I felt such a sense of relief knowing that I could pass these messages onto my loved ones.”


Mother, 40, NSW



“It’s an important part of how a Doula can assist someone to offer up something of themselves ongoingly... And I think it's a powerful way to connect people to the love while they’re in grief.”


Founder, Australian Doula College



“I wish I had videos of my mum of how she was, who she was, and how she used to be around people.”


Daughter, 33, QLD


Our Partners
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As Australia’s premier Doula training organisation, they proudly offer a variety of pathways and ongoing support for all Doulas. That work transpires into education, support and continuity of care for individuals and families through any one of life’s many transitions.
All Home Care Matters is a podcast and YouTube show devoted to discussing all things home care. There are featured guests, resources, tips, and discussions on important age-related topics to help families as they navigate long-term care matters.
Derek's Place mission is to provide young families with a terminally ill parent with the resourceful support needed during the palliative and end-of-life care period. They also advocate for ongoing improvements to the services and support for these young families.
DementiaTLC educates and provides support for all those affected by Dementia, including those living with the condition, their loved ones, carers, family, friends, colleagues, professionals, and all those that could benefit from a little bit of knowledge or support.
Proudly supporting our community
Supporting young families with a terminally-ill parent